OVALmedia becomes OVALmedia / MÉLANGE

OVALmedia and MÉLANGE have decided to strengthen their production efforts by combining their structures, teams and projects. Together, both our companies will spread their already existing networks from our established bases in Berlin, Cologne and Paris.

Our new partnership makes us grow into an international venture, with a particular focus on the emerging fields of interactive storytelling, transmedia, experience design, virtual reality and augmented reality. Our allied efforts will nevertheless continue to be spent on more traditional forms of film and audiovisual production. Through our common brand, OVALequipment, services like our VR, sound and film equipment rental will be reinforced as well.

Our desire to establish an intense partnership between our companies was born out of several projects we started developing together. Through the process, we organically grew to learn how to work together; we found how well we complemented each other; we appreciated how our cultural differences made us richer. We see our alliance as a way to creatively face the future of our media industry with all the exciting profound changes that challenge us.