(English) I love me, I love me not.

(English) I love me, I love me not.

3 Min - Art clip - 2003


(English) "I love me, I love me not" is based upon the experience that artists, in the process of creation, switch back and forth between self hate and narcissism. Every artistic pursuit is one of self discovery; this expression is never neutral but full of emotion. Self hate and self love are the basic emotions. With this in consideration, I wanted to ask artists, which of these basic emotions dominate the opening of Documenta 11 in Kassel, Germany. I made filmic portraits and asked the artists to make a gesture showing hate or love for themselves. They looked into the camera as if it was a mirror."


(English) This stylish art clip is based in juxtaposing the contrasting gestures of the different artists. What began as individuals personal expression, is transformed into a collage of expressions; as all of the artists of the Documenta were one person. The gestures were created before a white background with diffused light. The camera doesn't move. The eyes look straight into the lens. This passport photo aesthetic draws the attention to the gestures of the protagonists.


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    Robert Cibis