Une médecine de pointe

Une médecine de pointe

50 Min - Documentaire - 2020


L'acupuncture - Mythe ou Thérapie?


After hundreds and thousands of years of medical development in Asia, acupuncture is still a pillar of traditional Chinese medicine, and now beginning to influence the world. Many people
may still wonder: How does it work? What are its benefits? This documentary aims to show the reasons for this very single needle’s capability of regulating our body and possibly changing our lives too.

We filmed in Europe, China and Korea, gathered professional experts in the West and Asia to share their knowledge and findings on acupuncture with us. The documentary shows acupuncture in relation to meridian, Qi, and the nervous system, eventually to the brain, also explore the ways of optimally combining acupuncture with modern medicine, and much more...

This is an international documentary about the science of acupuncture, commissioned by TV-Channels WDR and ARTE and broadcasts in Germany, France and around the world.

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  • Directeur(s)

    Robert Cibis
    Lilian Franck
  • Camera

    Robert Cibis
    Lukas Link
  • Son

    Ting Ting Lau
  • Editeur

    Amy Meyer