Viens! at Sundance

French producer Michel Reilhac’s virtual reality short film “Viens !” is selected to premiere at the Sundance Festival! We are so happy to be co-operationg with this brilliant mind. Further collaboration is to be announced…

Viens ! (Come!)

Three women and four men, all naked, appear out of nowhere in the white, sunny space of a bright room outside of time. They meet, touch, share their energy, and are transformed spiritually; they let themselves become one with the world.

Artists: Michel Reilhac, Carl Guyenette
Key Collaborators: Mélanie Le Grand, Xavier Servas, Sebastian Shorter
Cast: Amador Jojo, Ayoti, Christophe De La Pointe, De La Fouquette, Flozif, Yumie Volupté