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"In the beginning is an egg. An Oval. An idea is born that we must pursue. We love film. Noises, voices, music and pictures, all communicating directly with the audience. Thus, a new context arises."

“Our goal is to think critically about the society in which we live and to question truisms all of us take for granted. Each of our projects is designed to enable emotional and intellectual empowerment. Through innovative storytelling, we want to change the world.”

That was why Lilian Franck and Robert Cibis, founders of OVALmedia, joined forces in 1998. In the years since its conception, OVALmedia has gone from strength to strength. One of their very first projects, the 2003 documentary ‘Half A Chance?’, concerning the state of German cinema in France, received the German-French Journalism Prize’s Newcomer Award. Soon after, their two-part documentary series investigating the use of maggots and leeches in the medical world, ‘Disgustingly Healthy’, was awarded the 2007 Ekotopfilm prize.

This set the stage for their most successful project to date, the theatrical documentary ‘Pianomania’, which centres on Steinway technician Stefan Knüpfer and his search for the perfect sound, accompanied by world-class pianists Lang Lang, Pierre-Laurent Aimard and Alfred Brendel. The film was awarded, among other prizes, the Semaine de la Critique prize at Locarno, the Golden Gate Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival and the German Film Award for Best Sound Design. It also had a very successful cinema run, showing in 25 countries worldwide.

As media professionals, OVALmedia strives to further understanding of today’s world in order to champion for the common good. This belief is self-evident in two of our most recent projects, Free Lunch Society (2017), which addresses the very real possibility of a universal basic income and trustWHO (2018), a searing exposé into the influence of privatization on global healthcare. Free Lunch Society also marks OVALmedia’s first foray into theatrical distribution, as the OVAL team was able to coordinate a crowd-sourced premier event, which saw the film open in 100 German cinemas on its first day of release.

Boundaries no longer exist between different kinds of media. Previously impossible collaborations are continuously being realized. As new media bears witness to the ever-developing integration of Science, Business and Art, we recognize how vital it is that OVALmedia is able to adapt to this. We work to pursue ideas that transcend fixed media categories and disciplines. In this way, OVALmedia stands for ideas that grow beyond themselves, illuminating the world in which we live in new and exciting ways.






Robert Cibis Founder
Lilian Franck Founder
Thomas Schlottmann Filmmaker
Amy Meyer Montage / Head of postproduction
Madeleine Monshausen Creative Producer / Archive Researcher