trustWHO - Lilian Franck on her way to understand the world health system... more news to come!


Anyway Home celebrates its world Premiere!

The movie Anyway Home, directed by Pablo Kaes and co-produced by OVALmedia, celebrates this year its world premiere at the Busan International Short Film Festival in South Korea. It was shot with our Red Scarlet!

Shooting for Lensta professional smartphone lenses

OVALmedias’s Francesco Garbo is directing a video for Lensta professional smartphone lenses… in Lilian Franck’s appartment.


trustWHO has sound mix in Vienna

Director and producer Lilian Franck is in the studio Blautöne in Vienna for the final sound mix of trustWHO, coproduced by Golden Girls Filmproduktion…


Robert Cibis gives a key note on MEDIEN IMPULS

Robert Cibis gives a key note on MEDIEN IMPULS November 24th at the Bertelsmann Repräsentanz in Berlin. The general manager of OVALmedia report on new way of storytelling in Virtual Reality.


Michel Reilhac heads Submarine Channel!

OVALmedia is proud to announce that our partner Michel Reilhac has become Head of Submarine Channel! The internationally renowned transmedia producer and virtual reality filmmaker will expand Submarine’s international interactive productions. OVALmedia will continue to team up with Michel on various projects, as, for instance, our transmedia project “Wait for me”.


“Cora – ein Filmgedicht” at IMAI – inter media art institute

Dear friends and colleagues,
We would like to invite you to the film presentation of our film “Cora – ein Filmgedicht”. It is shown on July 13 at 19:00:
In the house of the university, Schadowplatz 14, 40212 Dusseldorf.

Learn more:,de

Best regards,
Robert Cibis & Lilian Franck


“SUPERMERLE” at Heldinnen-Screening

Berlin in the 90ies – Our movie SUPERMERLE will be shown in Cologne, as part of the “Heldinnen”-Screening, on 8 July, 6pm – 7:30pm:

Galerie Priska Pasquer, Albertusstr. 18, 50667 Cologne

Playlist “Heldinnen”:
Dara Birnbaum – Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman (1978/79), 6:00 Min.
Lydia Schouten – Romeo is Bleeding (1982), 11:00 Min.
Ulrike Rosenbach – Glauben Sie nicht, dass ich eine Amazone bin (1975), 12:00 Min.
Johanna Reich – Kassandra (2008), 4:00 Min
Lilian Franck – Supermerle (1997), 30:00 Min


for a coffee with Michel Reilhac.

Michel Reilhac speeks about „Museums Riding the Wave of VR“ in the framework of Creative Coffee on thursday, 23. of June 2016 at 4 pm.

Creative Coffee is a new series of events in the SITE MUSEUM of the HUMBOLDT FORUM at the BERLIN PALACE, which monthly having guests to an exciting topic from the museum area to discuss technical, cross-link and “open minded” to stimulate a discourse in small circles.

Further information: Museum des Ortes

Michel Reilhac speeks about „Museums Riding the Wave of VR“ in the framework of Creative Coffee on thursday, 23. of June 2016 at 4 pm.

Robert Cibis debates Virtual Reality with Knut Elstermann (in German).

Will VR be the format for movies in the future or is it a gimmick for Disneyland?


J’ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre @ International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

We are delighted to present our short movie „J’ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre” at the 62. International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. Prizewinning filmmakers like Roman Polanski, Georges Lucas, Cate Shortland and Pipilotti Rist presented their first short films at this prestigious short film festival. In corporation with DALVA Films from Switzerland, OVALmedia Cologne GmbH created the film in 2015 – written and staged by Valérie Anex und Christian Johannes Koch. Cinematographer Joanna Piechotta shot the 23-minute film with RED-gear from OVALequipment.

The festival in Oberhausen will take place from 5. until 10. of May 2106 – and we are participating!


OVALmedia / MÉLANGE at the EFM 2016

Within the frame of the Berlinale 2016, OVALmedia/MÉLANGE presented last week their latest projets at the EFM (European Film Market).

Highlight of our presence at the market, Michel Reilhac unveiled his latest short film in virtual reality « Viens ! ». Our objective was to showcase to the public the potential of virtual reality as a brand new storytelling tool beyond its current application in the context of video games. Our booth attracted the attention of film professionals from all around the world. The enthusiasm and the fruitful encounters around this new technology mark the beginning of a new artistic adventure.


OVALmedia becomes OVALmedia / MÉLANGE

OVALmedia and MÉLANGE have decided to strengthen their production efforts by combining their structures, teams and projects. Together, both our companies will spread their already existing networks from our established bases in Berlin, Cologne and Paris.

Our new partnership makes us grow into an international venture, with a particular focus on the emerging fields of interactive storytelling, transmedia, experience design, virtual reality and augmented reality. Our allied efforts will nevertheless continue to be spent on more traditional forms of film and audiovisual production. Through our common brand, OVALequipment, services like our VR, sound and film equipment rental will be reinforced as well.

Our desire to establish an intense partnership between our companies was born out of several projects we started developing together. Through the process, we organically grew to learn how to work together; we found how well we complemented each other; we appreciated how our cultural differences made us richer. We see our alliance as a way to creatively face the future of our media industry with all the exciting profound changes that challenge us.


OVALmedia & OVALequipment-supported documentary shown on NHK World

Our very own Thomas Schlottmann has been shooting documentary in Japan. Together with the director Ian Thomas Ash, he follows Dr. Kaoru Konta as he helps to fulfill his patients wish to die at home. “Dying at Home” broadcasts on NKH WORLD TV, and is shot with OVALequipment and OVALmedias RED Dragon!


Anyway Home finished

The short movie “Anyway Home” has taken its final form. Together with Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf we are the proud production company behind it. Producers are Fredrik Felkner, Bernd Auzinger, Martina Berger, and as director stands Pablo Kaes.
Babacar and Vincent have two completely different backgrounds. Babacar was a
pharmacist, Vincent joint the army. Now their background doesn’t play any role. Because
both of them are refugees. And they need to get to Denmark. By foot.


Viens! at Sundance

French producer Michel Reilhac’s virtual reality short film “Viens !” is selected to premiere at the Sundance Festival! We are so happy to be co-operationg with this brilliant mind. Further collaboration is to be announced…

Viens ! (Come!)

Three women and four men, all naked, appear out of nowhere in the white, sunny space of a bright room outside of time. They meet, touch, share their energy, and are transformed spiritually; they let themselves become one with the world.

Artists: Michel Reilhac, Carl Guyenette
Key Collaborators: Mélanie Le Grand, Xavier Servas, Sebastian Shorter
Cast: Amador Jojo, Ayoti, Christophe De La Pointe, De La Fouquette, Flozif, Yumie Volupté


The Voluntary Slave gets fundings!

Our project “The Voluntary Slave”, a documentary by Lisa Violetta Gaß, gets development fundings from both the FFA and Creative Europe.


Cherry Picks – a monthly showcase of new international short films

Become à jour with the short film scene of today! Our Yuriko is organizing the “Cherry Picks” with the Berlin Film Society, showing the best new shortfilms from all over the globe. Click here to get to the Facebook-event.


WORKERZ – No Witnesses!

OVALmedia conceived and produced WORKERZ’ first music video. “NO WITNESSES FEAT. ADIAN COKER (REWORKZ VERSION)” is released by Back Office Records this week. The sensual images are as provocative as the lyrics by Adrian Coker.


Wait for Me @ Pixel Market!

We are sooo proud. “Wait for me” our feature in Virtual Reality is presented at the most brilliant pitching place: PIXEL MARKET!

The director, Michel Reilhac talks about the story: “It’s starts like an ordinary night where a group of youngsters gather before going to a party. They find themselves sucked into some sort of a strange black hole in the building where they have come to pick up a friend.” That’s just the beginning.


J’ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre

OVALfilm Cologne completed its first fictional movie in co-production with DALVA Films based in Lausanne! “J’ai tout donné au soleil sauf mon ombre” with a wonderful Marine Sleiman in the melancholic main role, was realized in Suisse Romande. DOP Joanna Piechotta shot this 23-minute film on the RED-Equipment from The directors and writers are Valérie Anex and Christian Johannes Koch.

Just like every summer Lynn and her group of friends plunder and occupy together
empty chalets in the mountains in order to organize endless parties. Adrenaline rush is their remedy against monotony. When Lynn comes back home after having been away for a year, she suddenly feels like a stranger among her own.

I gave everything to the sun, except my shadow is an intimate journey into the world and mind of this young woman, striving to love and find her own identity.


Konzerthaus Berlin shows PIANOMANIA

On 18. Mai 2015, 20:00 at Musikclub, The Konzerthaus Berlin will show PIANOMANIA in its series „Der Blick auf den Klang“ .

Robert Cibis will discuss the film with the public.



The CNC is funding the development of our short film project “Wait for me“

The CNC (Paris) is funding the development of our interactive short film project “Wait for me“ written and directed by Michel Reilhac. It will be shot in Virtual Reality, a 360 degree technology.


“Virus vs Bacteria: A Way out of the Antibiotics Crisis” at 1st Ahvaz International Science Film Festival!

“Virus vs Bacteria: A Way out of the Antibiotics Crisis?” has been selected to take part  in the 1st Ahvaz International Science Film festival.

The festival will take place from 22 to 27 February 2015 at Ahvaz (Iran)